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so. the that usually from june. give me your tired your poor your huddled masses yearning to break free doesn't the words acts on the statue of liberty. there are written by an american jurist pilot and a lazarus it's fitting that an american jewish immigrant would demoralize the ideals of freedom an opportunity that america offered to so many who arrived at its tolerance of the turn of the twentieth century nearly two million eastern european of dr t error. their story transform into a slide and america. join me for a special series that will
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start here in new york. from wall street to broadway for madison avenue to the museum mile season helped build this city that never sleeps. as mayor michael bloomberg who ran york city for twelve years. he left the nine eleven memorial and added a new skyscraper to the skyline as woody allen in jerry seinfeld. i've only done this stamp from the big apple. and you think about broadway without playwrights like neon sign in the musical geniuses like irving berlin. in the fine arts to spilt the guggenheim museum bloggers and media giant has a lighter note this one. inge is of course helped at the moment and then to incense in june's designers and uncle local began here till like ralph lauren and diane von first ever meeting chewing an extraordinary degree of affluence and influence in this country and that he has been a terrific place for . i think of when
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laid out. can you see savannah cream. here jewish integration in the united states to jewish integration elsewhere on and if we re not jewish integration the united states to the experiences of other groups. giuseppe easy time in the united states the particular since first arrived in what would become meal or in sixteen fifty four these are not peculiar to live under portuguese rule he had some in personal and family memories memories of the eight day inquisition. at book passage with a friend shawn craig ipswich on drops them. basically in the next dutch colony which was to amsterdam. this knowledge as comedian colonial times when legal protection after the american revolution. but the writing of the constitution and bill of rights. there's nothing in the federal system and into the constitution in which they are any different then again any other white men in society which the main thing
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that divides people as color and their whiny. and to allow women to gender there been a founding father separated church and state with a great reference for religion protected the rights to use in all other religious minorities to worship freely the are able to take advantage of all the opportunities economic social political cultural on the authentic interrupted to wake people the turning point came between eighteen eighty in nineteen twenty three an estimated two million european jewish immigrants looking for work in freedom landed on american shores new york's ty's first settled in the cramped and houses of the lower east side along with other immigrants they can be whatever he wanted to and they could be as they wanted and they could be americans as they wanted in an oven baked it and did it have on anybody of any consequence in uniting not really american. u s immigrants jumped into every facet of american life. there
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was discrimination in the private sector but it never had a lasting impact. i miss the way. lights on. dr request congress said she will always be grateful for the opportunities america gave her became famous thinks that this than six hundred the is still talking about born in germany in nineteen twenty. dr it survived the holocaust been hiding in an orphanage in switzerland after living in israel and studied psychology in paris she came to york in the nineteen fifties. it's no question that the opportunities he had for me. despite the fact. i have no money then i came i made when don and i went home that you can hear my accent. dr ray got her first parade talking frankly about on their atm. the belief that the new york. because his
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newest cd the acceptance email groups and people from different towns different homed and different religious breakdown to the accents. by the nineteen eighties dr it was a cultural icon appearing on tv writing. most recently she's been the subject of a non probably snow. in eight years to life in your kids driving nearly two million live in the city and suburbs that's one third of america's jewish population now estimated that six million. the latest pew research center study on american the jewish pride is running high. ninety four percent of respondents said they are proud of their heritage. there is orthodox conservative reform. she now sits on a can of apple juice orange juice salt and . it's that it doesn't end here it's unbelievable. that diversity can lend itself to a lot of creativity and vibrant. the last ipcc represents the diversity of the community. the eight storey building with
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the tampa theater and two pools offers a range of activities for young and old religious and secular. twenty five hundred people walk into this building every day. if anything they're coming to swim and were trying to account for nursery school or work out great and were taking plants but with the find. use the connection to possibly something inside themselves certainly did somebody around them. and hopefully teach your spine there are a lot. israel is one of the lives of jewish identity in america the study found over sixty percent of say they have an attachment to the jewish state. or the intelligence thirty thousand yang's across america. taking a free ten day tour to sell things to perth for a program for speed and atlanta's michael stein heart and tom rothman. twenty five year old new yorker sell the bottom seam was one of them. she spends her free
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deep in her sense of jewish identity. especially when she grappled with the many lives lost in the holocaust. you never know what could be banned in all of these amazing teachers care x i think. i just ate and that just about that. will the night. i think i have to carry what you see the latest study found that seventy three percent of american across all age groups said remembering the holocaust as an essential part of beam ceilings. it certainly when the weather you are. a teenager thinking about why being jewish is important to you it's still something that crap away. an estimated two hundred thousand holocaust survivors came to america after the second world war. listen to the museum of jewish heritage in battery park is to share their stories with americans. partners in the family just me or disconnected their identities of the jewish museum in earmarks of gaul exhibit entitled love foreign looks at the artists' work in paris
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from the rise of fascism to nineteen forty. in the late nineteen thirties. he begins to feel that is his world is collapsing. and the work becomes darker and more destructive than away there's an ominous sensibility about it. under the nazis took the flight paris in nineteen forty one finding refuge in your the holocaust and a lot of that occurred when he was in new york and feeling very frustrated that there was nothing he could do specifically are directly but the effects and in his response is definitely in his works of art. and we see his the violence and destruction in the works. very directly he's got a doctor. oh boy the silver screen has always been a favorite outfit for jewish identification. yet
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military stops us from a packed house keen to see the documentary when were funny. what's it like to extend the comics dominated the american comedy scene in the nineteen fifties and sixties i think it just becomes when you get beaten down so much a can of this the only thing you can do is just laugh about it. to find the orange so we've become experts at finding humor in everything. don't laugh. you are isn't a forty two percent of american say is essential to their jewish identity again according to the latest pew study. i think my skewer comes out and ideas like that's what i drive for many. eating is essential to their judaism move over decrease in delhi is a prime grilling midtown to the beach club team is taking kosher nineteen to new heights. his mouth watering creations as artistic as they are delicious. what is specialties is this winter to ditch bid to lock gates kaylin cranberry sauce. my
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best of them is when someone walks in off the street mr is no evidence to the four course meal this reprieve the robot in the coffin the waiter says and so i would go out there in essence what you mean it's a rollercoaster we meet coach the great male known to me that i did my job when nazis in your city is the fastest selling segment of the community. one the set thee headquartered in crown heights brooklyn. led by their late spiritual leader of the topics are ready to buy it now has more than seventy thousand centers around the globe. he inspired people and educate people about some of the dramas and citizens are doing all over the world every single day and they are reaching millions of . despite the vitality of jewish life in your talent is in this emirates and in their marriage still hover over the community. the recent pew study found that more than thirty percent user and ophelia. here we are treats
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eight fifty eight percent for the youngest she is getting married does after two thousand and seventy percent married a non jewish partner you can't get over feeling you can give over sentiment you know our grandparents had a jewish feeling the bagels and lox judaism is not transferable. with this transfer of rabbi lau says is observing jewish tradition. he started manhattan jewish experience in two thousand to inspire an affiliate is the class as beginners religious services and social events. there were a shorty important words. in the area of jewish survival education education education. rabbinic visit the home of vermont's manhattan's first modern orthodox day school built in nineteen eighty seven by his father. if there is to be in a insert a tube stuck the first answer is to get as many children as possible
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in two days school the israeli parliamentarians inflicted by a landslide to fully recognize the arab christian population as a distinct ethnic groups in the first time the proposal would distinguish christian and muslim arabs and is expected to result in efforts to increase christian representation and integration in israel christian arabs a welcome change particularly given the recent upsurge in discrimination which christians are placed in neighboring states such as egypt and syria like a politician you read between the spokes of the legislation said the christians were natural allies of the jewish states. however the move has been met with opposition from our parliamentarians you all keep the pool was divisive and intended to encourage its money our community. they're under hundred and sixty thousand christians living in israel with the majority of our programs around twenty percent of performance at the union countries to target
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to get mc for two with the jewish problem is off the collapse of the disco ball up well it's the fifth race of the blonde doesn't just hope i get enough of the soaking it to bring talks and historic its huge bakery in the east end of the city in search of the crater ringtones jewish bakeries the limit is ten team. some fusion mostly confused with the costs of cycle will cradle is popular across the atlantic. this is the crater. if your mitts on it. it's festival we didn't know it has worked out exactly how many calories it contains otherwise that they can say uconn beat it. yes for the sake of their life still moves and unemployment and i mia was this guy down is that since none of us can come and sit so high. i'd still like what are the people come back full sun this being and being crazy
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naked . resources time to weigh in when cory autumn and the whitechapel district alongside the decrease coast will grasp recruit days and chocolate cupcakes a braided helens bagels made to the same secret recipes jennifer recalls great grandpa behind menzies twenty first st michel in nineteen eleven. a recent immigrant from russia. i'm a drink off into decline as he feels the time when london's whitechapel was the city's huge help and to hold and twenty find traditional jewish bakeries that the city extension of supermarket chains and salvation page helps bring cox is the last of its calling. it was founded in nineteen eleven by my great friend called clean them. kenneth in ukraine. and he and i can show up in a one tcu and then denying he had said. seven hits. i think
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that he intends visit my grandpa was one of the museum and he was more right of the town. the retail side effect. and my crown playground on the team is the most to bake and then my crafts painting when his fifteen needles and asked if they can. at noon and then my cousin came and for this it's been years. the new sign he's also trained as a mom i can an mit uncouth and then me the disappearance of what temples traditional jewish bakeries reflects the century of demographic shifts london's two skeins he's migrated to the northwest of ups and compete in bakeries clay shaw in the nineteen seventies green cos it means to wholesale market the bakery now runs twenty four seven delivering cola cupcakes and danish is upscale supermarket soup so that is until it's on to major corporations and the team opens the money and credit suisse. also the fifteen that but the old generation and the jewish
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people the offense so calm and sometimes i end but now it is so calm all season which means she's the greatest fa become more candy in young guy. so i know and i guess this author readings and assist with remote sculpture and say that and defense of religion miss them. i need is to animal services while antony supply at hackney wet to stand on the london is an ideal society football case breaking who hire it. and that of offices. well drink also may no be big business in the cooper will be kids experience the joy of coming here to shop to order your project. umm whatever else the next generation of thing folks might come up with in future. is that with darren ford san juan. in london. i
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had. you can the chic or just ended and prison sentences for years for people who took part in two thousand to protest its present one defeat. hundreds of supporters gathered outside the court as to condemn the trial commenced crackdown on opposition for doing so they were arrested including leading question this and i'll exceed all day and two members of the concrete span was right. the four new she washed out bridge what. and four. can you. this is so kami and i just opens a tease as they say it was then the lines laid plans two pdt because the increases on color in these. thomas is then a minute. months of this
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but it could be. the patient up some more. the defendant's sentence were among twenty eight people rounded up a seventy six two thousand and twelve protest on the eve of putin's inauguration for third presidential term the rally turned violent after police restricted access to locally in square across the river from the kremlin where the protesters had permission to camp. activists say the court is sending a message that president biden or putin will tolerate no challenge his role as neighboring ukraine longtime ally and strategic partner to russia has posted to its present a close ally to putin russia could be worried if the uprising in kyiv to topple the government the same thing could happen in moscow. it's a petersburg a group of russian artists and activists created a barricade the tigers to a fire in performance drawing a parallel to the situation in the fires were quickly put the oats and the artists' rights. now on the fires are started by artists that putin is likely to worry depressions will take notice of the political developments you start burning tires in protest against the authoritarian governments
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and begin a reflection of their own. two inmates at a mexico city prison started a free wrestling program in the tradition of locally made to help prisoners relaxed and temporarily forget prison life. inmates at the santa might set aside to the penitentiary train a couple of times a week taking up like this sometimes and often wearing masks or costumes in the tradition of the sport both former professional wrestler as the victor franco cruise to win by the name bella cereal and rene garcia known as pentagon city co starred in the program to bring light relief to prison life. cruise has convicted of kidnapping mongers he was imprisoned in nineteen ninety eight on homicide charges which he denies the cia has helped start a wrestling program in every prison he's been transferred to. being given credit for one thing the program helps the inmates to stay away from drugs that's us. later they start
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liking this pool is free wrestling is something magical. that's the way i stopped into one started training as a hobby and it ended up being called to my life because of my work. this happens to many painful inmates come in to check in with school and they realize it's totally different. this is a sport that you train and prepare everything for the disability payment goes to the top in wrestling group occasionally put on puppet shows to entertain other inmates and visiting family members that billy ray has been popular in mexico for decades and has a huge fan base across the country three women who survived a decade long captivity in the cleveland house before being freed have received ohio governor john cash's new occurred towards the women amanda buried today he says michelle nights were given a standing ovation as they walked onto the stage. they were rescued in may after being kidnapped by ariel
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castro from the streets of cleveland between two thousand to two thousand for the ages of fourteen sixteen and twenty seven accounts it's hailed their resilience no one to rescue them. they rescued themselves. first by staying strong and by sticking together. and then if i don't literally breaking out into freedom. daniel castro periodically kept the three women changing rooms in this house and restricted access to food and toilets. he repeatedly raped the women and five and a girl with one of the victims. well interesting at least five miscarriages in one of the others. after repeatedly getting her pregnant women were freed when amanda barry called for help through screen door when pastor left the house. castro pleaded guilty in august hundreds of charges shortly after dawn september thirty to fifty three year old hank and self imprisoned at the beginning of a life sentence plus one thousand years. around two
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dozen members of ukraine's notorious made to the riot police unit went on stage and with the ukraine's largest western sydney after returning from the capital kiev to ask for forgiveness on behalf of their colleagues from ukraine special services or accused of shooting and killing civilian protesters more than eighty people died during the violence last week we were entering its usefulness the film's disgraced when cps. when people wear shorts the investigation is now underway. he studied the suede interior ministry troops. we don't have to show up anyway. we've come to beg for forgiveness on to the office with the vocals a little bit. this is the elder shame on you as the police walked through the square and shout at them to get down and needs all of them off of the people here all innocence
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and should not hold to that news. they are not guilty of anything they have taken an oath to protect the ukrainian people. they didn't onto to the people on and kept their eyes when they didn't all the people they were simply caught up in the situation for all of the nostradamus of july the clashes which erupted last week turns deadly after government security forces attempted to storm the central protest camp anti government protesters resisted and security forces opened fire on them using ak forty seven and sniper rifles. at least eighty five people were killed in the attack with hundreds more civilians injured. the pair could police named after the golden eagle is now reviled across much of ukraine and plans are in discussion to potentially disband the riot police force however in some parts of the country namely the russian speaking south east where some fear a separatist movement can spring up that there could have been welcomed as heroes on the return from the capital the fledgling ukrainian government has called for unity and international partners such as the eu have also urged the international community to support an independent and
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hold ukraine . part of a person's brain in the event that it was abandoned in an accident and that all dates now imagine you can replace that part of the brain but the microchip that would enable it to function normally. this is what we are scientists are working on and tell of the university. when i'm going to into dinner nutrient and experiments with truth to what you would see tuned to see bill correlation wants to get the code into a student to think the coach is going to record a tv tuned to the aliens. in it so no winter the case. indio ca here to kind of took the tickets. i make him a gun one of the students who show you what we are doing good than you would do it we all
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threw it onto my reclusive dead. our purpose in the fraud that is to not fix the damaged brain. but to replace it. place the knot with another biological brain but with synthetic brand and a microchip. this part of the brain which we are replacing know what it has and has two inputs and we have one line of information one adult books. that's loads of it. we can take this part of the brain out. put a chip instead and interface it to the same inputs and outputs and the chip will do what's best part of the brain. on the healthy part of brain actually is the way to get a lot though. and then t eighteen seamen had to frantically fifteen months we have been at it often said that it doesn't tell the brain area on the candy and fifth. mia got to inform them play with. the ccr
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looked so good to be true sounds like. those who walks his alone. you are on fire means the action potential this is lost. you are. this is what thoughts and feelings and motives this is the yuan hard words to the patient thoughts and feelings and personality. i control the brain. this amazing complex organ and some controversy arises when your assigned seat as he began to experiment with the ability of potentially connect to the human brain to my contacts into computer software. there is a natural process to the weight anything works. natural is what is. and as for example you hold the brain works faster and that will be a natural. and anything else will become un natural. there
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was a major difference between the pudding into one's brain chip that controls movement. and it's cheap it has effects of over one's condition in which as he motions for another time i function springfield something has to do with what personality with my condition and it's it's me it's totally limp. it's me and affecting me is of us for africa significance and should be considered different. the machine. one whom his amazing grace. such a wonderful peace love and emotions and thinking and decision making. many of these functions within the melbourne is doing. super fun. we are beginning to understand and simple functions as the machine
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don't know who will entertain you can hear distant future. the smart devices can be easily connected to smile and pray dale and i was a better deal helen. the simple instructions is on corey neilson has presented to the collection inspired by a house in the church at the prestigious paris fashion week. nielsen said she was inspired by a fall of this country want to create three dimensional shapes and figures to collections the study included everything from short dresses skirts and trousers too long evening gown made from employing sequence lace socks in one embarrassed to walk waddle needed a helping hand from an audience member terry machete. often he'll stop in the train tracks. the design is his biggest inspirations came from the altar of track
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in a trance state in june about the need to be typical repayments so the very end and all. stray animals so our hands. prime examples of black and udinese experience in a lifetime. if you don't have passion for anything you don't have to drive to fights and to do what you believe it we don't get it paris fashion week this last event in the fashion season off to new york london and milan will continue until the fifth of august. aye aye i will. i am. i mean. to me
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the increases which started six years ago still influence economic growth and the eu while the financial system was saved by the governments to the nationalization of major banks economy still in a bit of a crisis. this opinion was expressed by the famous belgian politician i like to stick it in his last book about the ways to save the economy of the belgian regions. it defined the main task for belgium and the whole year which is to improve economic performance. according to the export without structural reforms that knowledge in regions one of the will to cope with the micro economic consequences
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